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JD of History Underground on YouTube on JFK, Missouri history, family fighters, and the Hoff?

270k subscribers and hundreds of YouTube videos are just the surface of JD from the History Underground.

Talking YouTube and History with Whitt Docs Cemetery Tours

We got the chance to finally meet a fellow history YouTuber and friend, Chris Whitt, from the Whitt Docs Cemetery YouTube channel!

Chicken Shack Fisticuffs, Portland Hippies, and MTV meets Opera

We talk to friends who grew up in opposite parts of the country in a North meets South style podcast!

Skyline Chili Strikes Again and a White Ford Bronco

We talk about Personal History versus "Social" History, why Skyline Chili is different than normal chili, and learn about the "new" ford bronco wave.

The Origin of Krispy Kreme, West Coast Earthquakes, and MLK

We kick off The History Buzz with someone who was raised on the West Coast and moved out East...and learn about how regions affect what we learn

An Introduction to The History Buzz

The History Buzz is a fun conversation about how we all learn history differently...pick your beverage of choice and join us!